Monday, January 27, 2014

Jennifer Weiner has an awesome dog...and other reasons to love her

Photo snipped from The New Yorker.
Reason #1: She has an awesome dog, which has already been mentioned.

Reason #2: She describes her childhood self as “a beaky, busty, mouthy kid in a Dorothy Hamill bob.” What’s not to love there?

Reason #3 (and the reason for this post): She hates how women writers of commercial fiction get kicked to the curb for not emulating “serious” male writers of literary repute. Plus--brace yourself--she believes in happy endings.

Unfortunately, I'd never read or heard of Weiner until a friend passed on this article from The New Yorker, but now I'm glad I have--if you'd like to read something frank and refreshing, check it out. Here's one of my favorite quotes:
"There is so much antipathy today toward the idea of fiction existing for pleasure or escapism. . . I just have a very hard time seeing entertainment as a bad thing. The things that come up again and again in my books, like a man who thinks that you are beautiful just as you are: is that sentimental, wish-fulfillment bullshit that isn't ever going to happen in real life? I feel like it's something that we want, and I believe in it, even if it is sentimental."

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